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Hi! I'm Millie, an avid reader, blogger and bookstagrammer from the UK. You can usually find me buried in a book or stressing about my recent writing project. Here on the blog, I also share tips and strategies on posting, taking pics and engaging on bookstagram and building a book blog

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How to Protect Your Mental Health on Social Media

It’s certainly true that whilst social media can be extremely positive (it connects us after all!), it can also be inherently negative when overused or abused.

So, today I wanted to talk about some of the strategies I’m putting in place to protect my mental health on social media.

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Diverse Releases in the 1st Half of 2021

I’m certain that this year, there are even more exciting releases than usual.

I’ve shared posts on both Upcoming YA Releases and Upcoming Fantasy Releases but I haven’t yet talked about the new diverse releases I’m looking forward to and that I’ve been seeing all over Bookstagram.

So here are my top 10 diverse releases in the first half of 2021.

8 Tips to be Productive Working from Home

It is really difficult to find an effective work-life balance; one where we are getting tasks ticked off our lists, whilst not overworking.

But whether you’re reading this during lockdown or you regularly work from home (or you’re just looking for general tips to be more productive!), here are my top tips for being productive whilst working from home.