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BOOK REVIEW: Once Upon a Broken Heart

It’s not at all a stretch to say that this was probably my most anticipated read of this whole year. The Caraval series was one of the first I read when I joined Bookstagram and it continues to hold such a big place in my heart.

So for once I had absolutely no fear going into such a hyped up book- I just knew Stephanie Garber would pull it off, especially when it came to Jacks (quite possibly my favourite morally grey character of all time).

Ahh, I just loved this book so much so let’s not wait any longer- I’m going to tell you all about it!!

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BOOK REVIEW: Fresh by Margot Wood

When I finally got chance to dig into this one, I thought I might have missed the boat and that it was maybe more of a summer read.

In fact, it was actually a perfect read for this time of year because it follows our main character as she moves into and navigates college!

This was such a sweet and exciting read, so let me tell you all about it!

BOOK REVIEW: Sidelined by Kara Bietz

When I first saw the premise of this book, I thought it looked like the sweetest thing ever. I always go for books with super cute romance (and often not the most plot) so this looked like the perfect fit.

And it did not disappoint! But let’s save all that for the review!

BOOK REVIEW: Defy the Night

I’m going to jump right in by saying Defy the Night was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. So obviously, I was nervous…

I absolutely adored A Curse So Dark and Lonely, so I was totally worried this wouldn’t live up to my own hype.

Except I was completely wrong (as usual!). It took me about 2 days to finish and is now one of my favourite reads of the whole year!