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Hi! I'm Millie, an avid reader, blogger and bookstagrammer from the UK. You can usually find me buried in a book or stressing about my recent writing project. Here on the blog, I also share tips and strategies on posting, taking pics and engaging on bookstagram and building a book blog

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6 Summer Reads to Bring you Joy this Season

June will be here before we know it and I wanted to give you a few Summer reads that you will love if you enjoy reading YA.

The books listed below are part of my future TBR and I hope you will enjoy them too!

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10 Binge-Worthy YA Fantasy Series

YA fantasy is an incredibly popular genre, and one that is crowded with old favourites and new releases.

So today, I wanted to share 10 of my absolute favourite, totally binge-worthy YA fantasy series.

Why Reading Can Make You a Happier Person

Reading is one of the most amazing ways to destress, have fun and escape reality for a bit, without any pressure.

And, now that hobbies are increasingly being turned into ways to make money, it’s a hobby with little expectation.

So, how exactly does reading make you a happier person?

Why it’s Time For Bookstagrammers to be Paid

The issue of payment on social media is one that has been in the spotlight recently, and for good reason.

And a recent New York Times article- outlining how Booktok videos are starting to influence the publishing world- brings into question whether it is time for Bookstagrammers and bloggers, who have been promoting books (often for free!) for years, to be paid fairly for their work.